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Recognized as the "art crafts and traditional Italian clothing", we are proud to produce for 40 years the true artisan fashion more appreciated in the world. For 40 years we have been able to create a dynamic and experienced team available to the needs of the clients timely. Arrange production at all stages: modeling, we provide the raw materials, cutting leather and accessories, packaging and cartellinatura.
To maintain frequent contact with the consumer we always followed the production of leather clothing tailored, trying to take the most of the need for size and taste of the customer.
Where possible we work with repairs. The frequent comparison with the final consumer allows us to deepen and improve our techniques, and a large stock of raw materials allows us to satisfy the varied needs of the client.
The fur is a division of our laboratory painstakingly for the repair and refurbishing model with useful tips.
The service industry and crafts manufacture models for men and women starting from bases tested and continually updated in line with developments fit suggests that fashion.
From 1 sample to successive corrections suggested by the client or his designer, development sizes, and finally the printing of patterns on paper ready for cutting.
ITALY is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, we appreciate and value our resources, commitment and passion by which unique products are born that the world envies us.

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